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International Training Programme on Educational Empowerment

The International Training Program on Educational Empowerment was chosen as IYCSL's debut initiative in March 2013. After the founding Chairman noticed a pressing urge for educational services and opportunities for the less privileged, the initiative was implemented following the Sustainable Development Goal 10; Reduced Inequalities, and carried out in conjunction with the Justeach Foundation India (JFI). The two-day program was pillared by the Chairperson IYCSL, Mr. Sadham D. Zarjahan, and Mr. Nikhil D'Souza (International Project Coordinator IYCSL), along with key supportive lead members of JFI Mr. Ravi Kumar Balasubramaniyam (Director - Expansions of JFI) and Mr. Vinay Shankar, while being supported by Mr. Sulaiman Rameez and Mr. Ayazlien.

Project Gallery

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