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World Literacy Day

8 Sept 2022

IYC Team

Every year, the world comes together to celebrate world Literacy day on the 8th of September. As we move ahead with dreams and aspirations for a globally developed state, one of the key conscious to be kept in mind are the factors that promote these goals. With a huge vision in mind, one needs to make sure every aspect of the society moves ahead, as progress can be envisioned as an all round development and not in individual sectors.

Literacy not only enriches an individual's life, but it creates opportunities for people to develop skills that will help them provide for themselves and their family.

Education, is one of the key factors which promotes development and growth of society. However, it is important to note that education, as diverse is not received by all. Education paves the way for development of society and the individuals. A single person being educated ensures development of all the individuals around him, such is the importance of education. Over the years, various means have been deployed to promote universal education at the mean primary level. However, despite these efforts, education remains a privilege for many.

This world Literacy day, our aim is extremely simple, to promote education for all. In a time where education is a must, we aim to support students, teachers and educators, all those who help build a nation which is literate and moves towards a developed nation goal.

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