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IYC Worldwide

The International Youth Council has been able to effectively convey and distribute its services to UN member countries in multiple continents all over the world through the initiation of IYC chapters around the worldwide.​

Initially, the IYC was proposed to be only in the USA. Nonetheless, presently it has grown into a leading youth organisation with over 22,000 members in 72 United Nations member countries including universities, private organisations, and youth councils. The members of the organisation with more than 40 chapters of IYC that had been active, have carried out a wide range of projects on the ground, from gender equality to sustainable development, and have participated actively in significant international decision-making processes as a force within the system of United Nations’ mandates of MDGs and SDGs from 2015. 

The IYC has established its chapters in the following countries from 2007 to 2022. 

To view the initiatives done by IYC in each country, visit IYC Initiatives

Since 2022, August, IYC closed all IYC chapters, introduce IYC Country program with selected UN Member Countries. Click here to learn more about IYC Country Program

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