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Inclusive and Sustainable Youth Development

Sustainable development goals are a set of goals set by the United Nations which act as targets and markers for development of the world. These goals are designed keeping in mind the current situation of the world and the problems it is plagued with in all aspects. All these goals mark the arenas and sectors which need development. For the all around development of the society, these goals dictate various meters and markers for societies and also provide guidelines for the working around these goals. These sustainable development goals keep their focus on youth for their involvement in the process of change and development for the society.


In resolution for entrepreneurship for sustainable development, the government recognised the importance of entrepreneurship. The need for a comprehensive and holistic approach towards entrepreneurship was stressed upon and discussed. Enterprises all over the world, small and micro, constitute the backbone of the global economy accounting for the majority of the employment in some countries. Providing employment and livelihood, a wide percent of the adult population is taking on entrepreneurship, with the gender gap being non-existent.  Entrepreneurs fill in the huge gap in society where they mobilize resources and add value to business ecosystem. Understanding the huge responsibility and roles entrepreneurs play in stabilizing the economy and filling in the gaps left behind by huge corporations which cater to larger demands. The smaller supply chain gap is fulfilled by entrepreneurs and the goods and services they provide. Youth today is self conscious and values their own time and efforts. They are aware of the skills they possess and are also more inclined towards skill based learning. With their skill set and experience, they are more inclined towards entrepreneurship and establishing themselves as a service provider. With these visible changes, teaching entrepreneurship skills is a requirement in the world today.


Education is the key to sustainable development and to a better future of the environment. Education enables a persons upward mobility in the society through all over social, economic development. Opening up key avenues of life through education, it guarantees an all around development of the individual and the individual's family along with them. Another important aspect of education for sustainable development is the access it provides to all ages through knowledge, skills, values towards understanding the climate change, unsustainable use of resources and loss of biodiversity in the process. Focusing primarily on climate change, one of the key factors that riddles the world today. The main goal remains to create awareness and a global consciousness around the nexus of climate change and the threat it bares to the entire world. Through education, we aspire to make the generations today aware and switch towards sustainable options for a better future. Education is a must in the world today. The younger generation understands the value of education. Understanding the implications, necessity and requirement for education, it is a need which must be met and understood.



Over the time, across the world; various camapaigns have been undertaken to minimize human interference which leads to envvironmental degradation. Natural disasters have been studied all around to understand natural factors in environmental degradation. Industrialization saw a huge growth all across and many people witnessed the growth of industries all over the world, which led to a huge growth in business, trade, employment generation and revenue. However, what many failed to notice is the adverse effect it had on the environment. While one aspect saw a huge boom and growth, the environment face the brunt of the development adversely. Today, with the huge looming threat of climate change, and global warming, protecting the environment is one of the most important actions which needs to be worked upon. In this hassle, what remains as the ultimate goal is the mindful use of resources to conserve them and develop alternate sources of power for sustainable development. These alternate sources of power prove ultimately useful in the long run for protecting environment. The self aware youth is now more understanding of the environment and the complication it holds for the future generations. It is aware of the consequences their actions hold over the society and take accurate steps to avoid the brutal after effects of their action.  



A huge aspect of sustainable development is the working of sustainable societies. Keeping in  mind the long term goal of sustainable development, working on sustainable cities becomes an absolute necessity of the time. A sustainable society is primarily self sufficient, and non- polluting, renewable sources of energy provide energy to power the sustainable energy systems. The main objective of these societies is to preserve energies for the future generations. Keeping in mind the bigger picture of global climate change,the rising temperatures, all steps are worked out and planned accordingly. Planning for future to help control the rising global temperature, work for better quality of air and water; and contribute for a better future generation. Equipped with new technologies and aware of the sustainable choices available, the choice of a smart city is around the corner. Consciously, youth today takes steps towards sustainable options for society which run parallel to environment friendly sustainable choices which make contribute towards a healthy environment and accordingly a better environment.



Ensuring healthy life and promoting all around well being is a must for the society. A society is as good as its members and they key to a healthy society is a health population. While physical well being has been stressed upon for many years, the importance of mental health was recognized much later. In 2015, mental health was officially recognized as an arena which is equally important. The rapid growing stress calls for action in the sector where people are more aware of things around them. Working for sustainable development, the important goal remains to provide accessible healthcare to all. While working on themselves, the youth also prefers to work for the overall health and well being of the society and in accordance also strives to achieve accessible healthcare through various means of government schemes and awareness using various mediums. 


Keeping in mind the changing times and a vision for the future, the sustainable goals developed encapsulate certain humanitarian goals which have been set as target to achieve. All of these humanitarian goals have one aim in mind, to make the world a better living place for everyone. From basic needs like eradicating poverty to making healthcare accessible to everyone, from education to making cities sustainable, all these goals are a summary of the already set goals. The youth today strives to fulfill these basic goals aware that these are very basic amenities which should be available to each and every individual without any discrimination.

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