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Youth Action in Creating Sustainable Cities

Youth Action in Creating Sustainable Cities

From the 7th to the 13th of February 2018, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia hosted the Youth Action in Creating Sustainable Cities in the New Urban Agenda. The World Youth Foundation (WYF) convened the event in partnership with the IYC, the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY), Green Growth Asia, and the Indonesian Green Action Forum.

The event largely focused on developing and implementing strategies to achieve the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, namely Sustainable Development Goals 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 13 (Climate Action), 15 (Life on Land), and 17 (Partnerships) to construct urban, green cities.

Participants from diverse locations offered recommendations, ideas, and conversations based on actions performed in their own contexts, and they investigated the feasibility of applying similar patterns in other parts of the world.

IYCHQ, IYC Sri Lanka


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